No. #2

Okay, he totally had potential. Andrew, a twentysomething who had just moved back to Minnesota after a few years on the road, was Date #2. After meeting with Patti, the Millionaire Matchmaker — also known as Gina from It’s Just Lunch — and further honing my (our) idea of the perfect man for me, I was excited for the next dude on the list. Andrew owned two companies, was exploring his pilot’s license and lived for the outdoors. He was looking for an intellectual woman with whom to settle down.

After another sweltering performance of getting ready in my god-forsaken furnace of an apartment, I tumbled into Urban Eatery. Literally. Shoes slipping every which way. I was desperately trying to regain my balance while approaching Mr. Guy — he who had chosen the humid Amazon on which to perch instead of the air-conditioned heaven of a leather indoor booth — when I descended upon Sk8ter Boi 2011.

Andrew, a world-renowned ROBOTICIST (I’m not kidding) stared me down with the sort of charm one might expect a six-year-old to exude. He had gone to college at the age of 14 and in the past fifteen years, had built himself into a sought-after mechanical roboticist. Discovery Channel was finalizing a reality series with him and he had just closed a deal with Chrystler the Friday before. Despite the desperately-needed haircut and wardrobe retool, he was gregarious, open, passionate and up for anything. Including miniature golf and root beer floats.

Teetering in my black pumps and slinky (and severely discounted) BCBG mini dress, I had to steer the conversation back towards mutual topics, hoping to avoid a night at Lava Links. We chatted about Minnesota (gotta love the people), the weather (isn’t it crazy?) and the lakes (totally beautiful and great for paddle-boarding).

The highlight of my evening, I must confess, was our waiter. He turned out to be my first love. We were, no joke, fifth-grade sweethearts and had skated the snowball together to the delight of the rest of our class a few decades ago. We had a blast catching up on his marriage, studies and job.

I headed home for edamame, the new Bon Iver CD and some apartmental organization, satisfied with another great experience – even if the chemistry wasn’t there.

Dear Andrew, may you find your motorcycle-loving, seat-of-her-pants lady chic! Dear me, isn’t this fun? Next up… former band member and MBA-toting Karl, and Mike, the smartie baseball-playing friend of a friend.