A self-proclaimed dating hater who, on a whim – and upon the prodding of dear friends – signed up for a dating service. It’s Just Lunch, a gaggle of super sophisticated matchmakers destined to bring the single-and-ready-to-mingle professionals of Minnesota together in romantical harmony, is on the hunt for my perfect mate.

Me? Twenty-eight (and… ready to date!), lover of food, wine, nature, reading, best friends, organization, bargain shopping, family, independent music, South Minneapolis, Twins baseball, puppies, cereal at 4:00 a.m., math, old, worn books, dancing, sisters, NPR and astronomy. In no particular order, of course.

Looking for? Tall, dark, handsome, rugged and slightly older. With a dash of mystery and success. Ideally… but I’m keeping my eyes open. More important: a healthy respect for nature, friends and family, a generous heart, an adoration of music and a desire for religion. He’s steeped in curiosity, has an acute mastery of the kitchen (for I am anti) and a thirst for adventure. It doesn’t hurt if he’s kind, funny, smart and wicked unique. But I’m trying not to put too fine of a point on it.

More to come as I delve into the deep throes of awkward meet’n’greets, nervous laughter and finding the perfect getaway, all in the eternal process of (head’s up on the forthcoming cliche) — lookin’ for love!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. You’re never going to find a partner with online dating sites such as eharmony, Match.com and Just Lunch (especially the latter considering the idea behind JL is really meeting new friends, because who really goes to lunch together, friends, business colleagues, etc (I know the name isn’t taken literally, but the concept is still applicable)).
    When you are required to name desirable qualities about yourself and your potential partner, what are you really being asked to list? Basically, qualities that you find interesting and what you perceive as non-mundane, because to you these are attractive qualities, not because you may really find them attractive in another individual, but because they disqualify you as a boring individual and reaffirm your self knowledge that you are unique and interesting person (which hey, I’m sure you are).
    Dating and finding someone right for you isn’t about listing off qualities or plugging numbers into a software system to find your match, it’s about a certain feeling that someone elicits in you that you find fulfilling which helps define your self worth.
    I know as one ages that fairy tale type definition fades and realistic factors such as income, reproducibility and stableness become key players in the match game, but you’re going to go on a thousand more dates with this Just Lunch service if you keep inherently dismissing every person before hand because not all of their so called listed “qualities” fall into full accordance with yours. Attractive on paper usually means the opposite in reality.
    If that is really you in that picture above then you seem to be an attractive and (by the looks of it) fun individual. You would honestly have better luck going out to social occasions with your friends, family and co workers and accidentally “bumping into” Mr. Right, because you won’t be so preoccupied with all of the “qualities” that alter your opinion before all of your dates and that feeling that he elicits in you will prevail over all of his so called “flaws”. You’re encounters do make for good stories though. If you keep up with the online dating service, please keep posting…they’re quite amusing.

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